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When it comes to the perfect husband, most Muslim women look to the Prophet Muhammad as the ideal. He provided the ultimate example of how Muslim singles should behave when looking for a life partner. Men who are in the Muslim dating scene should try to implement some of the Prophet’s traits as into their own lives in order to attract the type of woman that would make the ideal wife. Consider the following tips when outlining the traits that you would want your future spouse to have and the direction you would like to go in life.


Practice Compassion


A good Muslim man should show kindness and compassion in all areas of life. While love is important in all relationships, the most important building block in a Muslim marriage is compassion. Showing mercy and kindness at every opportunity can attract women who appreciate your efforts to do so. When you are kind and selfless towards a woman you are interested in dating, you can gain her trust.


Set Common Goals


When dating, it is easy for couples to forget that life together really starts after the marriage begins. It is important to clearly state life goals in order to determine whether those goals are compatible or go in completely opposite directions. 


Accept the Whole Package


Accepting another person completely is essential for a happy marriage. No one is perfect, and there may be negative qualities that bother you. Instead of picking at those faults, practicing love and mercy can help you love your potential spouse completely as she is.


Physical Attraction


Appearance is certainly not everything in a relationship, but finding someone who appeals to you physically and keeping up your own appearance is an important ingredient in a happy marriage. Setting your standards too high may prevent you from meeting someone who could be your perfect partner.


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