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Having trouble navigating through the challenges of Muslim dating? Maybe it’s time for you to seek out some help. At, we encourage you to keep these six tips in mind as you start dating to find your Muslim wife, Muslima or partner.


1. Make Yourself Marriage Material


Don’t expect anyone to want to marry you if you do not have anything to offer. There are plenty of fish in the sea and the best way to keep from being just another one of them is to make sure that your priorities are right. Above all, remain true to your faith and expect your future significant other to do the same.


2. Be Respectful


Always conduct yourself in a respectful manner. You never know who is watching. You don’t want to end up inadvertently turning off a potential mate before you have had a chance to see how far your relationship can go.


3. Don’t Be Shy


Although today’s Muslim women are bolder and stronger than ever, they are not unapproachable. Don’t be afraid to present yourself respectfully to any Muslim woman you are interested in.


4. Ask Your Friends and Family for Help


Ask your friends and family for help. Let them know you are ready to settle down so they can let their available friends and family know. You never know who or where your future mate is, so you need to increase your chances of meeting her. Working with an online dating service is another way to meet people from all over the world


5. Go to the Masjid


Start spending more time at the Masjid. Remember, many Muslim women or Muslimas who are ready for a Muslim marriage spend a lot of their time at the Masjid for guidance and support from the community and to be in the presence of Allah. Let the members know that you are seeking a partner and they will be more than willing to help.


6. Go Out and Mingle


You can’t meet anyone sitting in the house. Get a job, join a club, or simply start spending more time outside of your home so you can mingle and make friends with other Muslim singles. Hang out in places that are fitting for anyone who is marriage material. © 2002-2024