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Most Muslim singles dream of a happy, fulfilling romantic relationship that will last for the rest of their life. Marriage is a true blessing and is at the center of healthy family life. Building a strong, lasting marriage actually starts long before the ceremony ever takes place. These are ten valuable tips that singles in the Muslim dating scene can use to prepare for marriage and to preserve this special relationship once it has begun.


A Couple is One Unit


  • 1. Remember that marriage is something done together; neither husband nor wife can be responsible for the success or lack of success within a marriage.
  • 2. Be on each other’s side. Avoid taking sides against your spouse. There are many factors that can negatively affect your home life, so stand strong next to one another.
  • 3. Be partners in the decision making process. Decisions that affect the whole family need to have everyone’s input and agreement.


Learn to Manage Anger


  • 4. Agreeing to disagree can be healthy and helpful. Recognize that there are some points that your spouse may not change their mind about. Try not to take this as an insult of offense.
  • 5. Even though anger will inevitably arise between husband and wife, neither should take it out on the other. Discovering reasonable ways to express anger or of allowing it to dissipate will help preserve a healthy home life.
  • 6. Guard your words. Angry words cannot be taken back. Learn to distinguish between a reasonable display of sentiment and abuse, inconsideration, and meanness.


Marriage is More Than Romance


  • 7. Learn to be friends. Your spouse is more than a partner in romance or family life; he or she needs to be a friend, too. Discover ways to keep friendly affection alive in a Muslim marriage.
  • 8. Practice being kind. Kindness and consideration are essential building blocks of any healthy marriage. Keep the needs of your spouse in mind.
  • 9. Build your household together. Running a household and caring for a family takes many hands, so work together on this important part of married life.

10. Spend time together. Turn off the TV, set down the newspaper, and have meals together. Family life is built in these moments. © 2002-2024