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Muslim Wife Dating

Perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make, one that has life-changing consequences, is who you marry. Marriage is not a relationship that should be entered into lightly or on a whim, but many Muslim singles do not know how they are meant to find their partner without help of parents or friends. The modern answer to this conundrum is online dating but with Muslim values instead of Western haste and whimsy.


Dating Tips to Keep in Mind


For many people, venturing onto an online Muslim dating website is unfamiliar, but with the right caution and consideration, such a website can help in the search for a loving and considerate wife. Once you are logged into your profile, make sure to remember some of the following tips:


  1. Be prayerful – Do not forget to perform Istikhara, the prayer of guidance, so that you are assisted by Allah (swt) as you search for a spouse.
  2. Be your best self – It is no mystery that women want to marry men who treat them well, which makes it very important to be kind and courteous.
  3. Do not discount an engagement – It is not required to marry your chosen fiancée right away, indeed, it is highly encouraged to get to know the woman you are interested in before marriage. This means going out together with fiends, meeting her family, and engaging in normal courtship events.
  4. Show interest– There is nothing as flattering as someone who show genuine interest when on a date. This means that you need to ask your date about herself, her interests, and her goals.

Be honest – There is no room for lying of any kind in a relationship. This goes for being true to yourself as well as in interactions when on dates. Do not try to convince yourself you have feelings you do not actually have. © 2002-2021